January 2018 - A New Year

Hello, and welcome to a brand new year!

2017 was a good year. It marked growth for us as a publisher, and hopefully helped introduce you with some new authors. We are going to build on that momentum, and hopefully, make 2018 even more awesome.

So far, February will mark the release of our first children's book - Scuzzy Cuzzy, by Cedar Rapids author Mary Gray Russell. Scuzzy Cuzzy is a heartfelt tale of self-discovery that we think girls, moms, and dads will really enjoy. 


Have your parents ever sent you to someplace you didn’t want to go?

For me, it was summer camp. Camp Peony Pines to be precise.

It’s not necessarily camp that’s the problem, but that my parents want me to go with my scuzzball cousin, Caryl.

Caryl and I simply have nothing in common. We might as well be from different planets.

She’s a flea market wrapped up in a garage sale, delivered in army surplus. I simply cannot go. It will be the end of my life. But off to camp I go, where things take a surprising turn. And the most unexpected person comes to my rescue.

Scuzzy Cuzzy releases February 1st, so pre-order your print or digital copy today!


We are excited to announce that Aaron Bunce's newest novel, A March of Woe, will release March 1st, and continue the saga of his Overthrown series. Stay tuned for a cover reveal early February! Here's a blurb to wet your appetite!

Ban Turin, the heavily fortified and cosmopolitan capital of Denoril, has gone dark, its massive gates closed for the first time in an age. Only two people know why: a denil monk and his unlikely savior, a freed prostitute named Aida. They make a desperate March south, fighting the harsh winter to deliver a message of Woe - a message that lord Thatcher, the Earl of the lakes, will likely struggle to believe. The Nymradic, an ancient and powerful race, has returned, aided by none other than Djaron Algast, Denoril’s overthrown king.

Roman and Dennah flee north in search of sanctuary, but to where? The lord Constable poisoned Roman and tried to silence Dennah to bury the secret of his lineage. Meanwhile, an unknown menace prowls Bardstown. Roman must embrace his true potential, or he and Dennah will freeze to death in the wild.

Julian has finally broken free and runs towards Craymore, desperate to save Tanea. And yet, the truth of their divine connection exposes a deeper, far more complicated conflict then ever believed possible. Safe havens are disappearing, contracting, and driving our heroes towards the heartland and the lakes of Karnell, where they may find more than just sanctuary.


Retaliation released December 5th, and is the second installment in Jarod Meyer's William of Archonia series. This book is exciting, and will appeal to more than just science fiction, fantasy, action and adventure readers. If you haven't checked out Jarod's books yet, we highly recommend you give Redemption (book 1), and Retaliation (book 2) a read! 


William survived the battle of the twin soul. But Archonia will be changed forever. Funeral pyres burn and all mourn for the fallen. Yet the threat of Dichonia still looms, hovering like a black cloud over the peaceful realm.

Archonian leaders call for the remembrance of the dead, the healing of the wounded, beseeching all for a time of rebuilding. But William can’t help but feel that inaction only brings them closer to their ultimate destruction.

Now revered as a hero, William devises a plan to strike back at the one responsible for the devastation. For he believes it will only be a matter of time before Luxor brings another evil force to bear against Archonia. His plan requires yet more sacrifice - braving the desolate wasteland of Dichonia, and facing off against evils straight from the deepest darkest corners of his worst nightmares. He will either survive the trials and temptations of this cruel land, or he will fall to darkness. Either way, William will seek his Retaliation.

Other News

We're closing in on deals with new authors, and are excited to introduce you to their work. 2018 will be the year the Autumn Arch Publishing family of authors, and collection of books, grows. Stay tuned for more monthly newsletters.