About Redemption

William survived the battle of the twin soul. But Archonia will be changed forever. Funeral pyres burn and all mourn for the fallen. Yet, the threat of Dichonia still looms, hovering like a black cloud over the peaceful realm.

Archonian leaders call for the remembrance of the dead, the healing of the wounded, beseeching all for a time of rebuilding. But William can't help but feel that inaction only brings them closer to their ultimate destruction.

Now revered as a hero, William devises a plan to strike back at the one responsible for the devastation. For he believes it will only be a matter of time before Luxor brings another evil force to bear against Archonia. His plan requires yet more sacrifice - braving the desolate wasteland of Dichonia, and facing off against evils straight from the deepest darkest corners of his worst nightmares. He will either survive the trials and temptations of this cruel land, or he will fall to darkness. Either way, William will seek his...RETALIATION. 

 William of Archonia - Redemption

a novel

by Jarod Meyer

Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Series - William of Archonia, Book 2

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About Jarod Meyer


Jarod attended Iowa State University and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in creative design. After two years of writing as a hobby Jarod found his own distinct voice and began his own adventure in creative writing creating a fictional version of the afterlife, using prominent religions and mythologies throughout history. Jarod hopes that his series will strengthen people's own personal faith while helping them understand other people's point of view. Ultimately, he hopes that everyone will enjoy an adventure...one that fills them with wonder.

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Kindle | $2.99

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Released | Dec, 05 2017

ISBN: 978-0999202623