About Scuzzy Cuzzy

Have your parents ever sent you to someplace you didn’t want to go to?
For me, it was summer camp. Camp Peony Pines to be precise.
It’s not necessarily camp that’s the problem, but that my parents want me to go with my scuzzball cousin, Caryl.
Caryl and I simply have nothing in common. We might as well be from different planets. She’s a flea market wrapped up in a garage sale, delivered in army surplus. I simply cannot go. It will be the end of my life. But off to camp I go, where things take a surprising turn. And the most unexpected person comes to my rescue.


Scuzzy Cuzzy

a children's novel

by Mary Gray Russell

Genre: Girl's and women's fiction

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(Releases wide in print & digital February 1st, 2018)


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Trade paperback | $5.99

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Released | February 1st, 2017

ISBN | 9780999202630