About Spore

Ten naked people walk into artist Sean Casey's backyard: Ten Spore People who used to be dead but have regenerated after an industrial spill. One, Mindy, stays with Sean while trying to reclaim her life, only to find her ex will do anything to ensure she stays dead. Sean struggles to protect Mindy and the other Spores while battling his recurring - and worsening - nightmares. Meanwhile, the media feeds a panicked frenzy that leads both the hopeful and hateful to Sean's front door. 

But the fungus that created the Spores is spreading along with the fear. When local children are found mutilated in ways that match Sean's nightmares, he realizes his own worse terror may be closer than he thinks...

“Sublimely original, disturbing, and yet full of heart, Spore grows on you.” #author #STRINGS #COLTCOLTRANE
— Allison M. Dickson
“I have to give her a standing ovation - She took zombies and made them fun for me again.”
— Gal in The Blue Mask
It’s a complicated, creepy, twisty, quite dark story of obsession, revenge, greed, and science gone awry. One of the best stories I’ve read all year - dark, solid, well plotted, with fully developed characters you begin to care about, which makes this novel almost impossible to put down.
Jones uses the zombie and pandemic ideas of horror to create something unique, a novel of pure horror that stays away from cliches and never let’s up on the suspense until the end... In focusing the story on the micro instead of the macro, Spore elevates itself to the level of a superior novel.
— Hellnotes


a novel

by Tamara Jones

Genre: Horror and Thriller

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About Tamara Jones

Award-winning author of the Dubric Byerly Mysteries (Bantam Spectra), Tamara Jones started her academic career as a science geek, earned a degree in art, and, when she's not making quilts or herding cats, writes gristly thrillers. Despite the violent nature of her work, Tam's easygoing and friendly. Not sick or twisted at all. Honest. Visit her online at http://tamara-jones.net

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Hardcover | $24.99

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Released | April 4, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-9904504-8-1